Solid and expert engineering is at the very core of JDP Automation capabilities and expertise. Our team includes staff from multiple disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, controls and software competencies. Our software engineers are versed in the latest languages and agile development methodologies. Today’s automation solutions are built with sophisticated, highly integrated components that require intimate knowledge of advanced technology. From robotics, to PLC control systems, and production computer applications, our engineers are producing some of the most exciting, elegant and sophisticated automation solutions available in the industry today.

Expertise At Every Level

Functional Specification Design

  • Work with end user to understand their controls requirement
  • Develop detailed functional specification document for the programming purposes
  • Develop system configuration and interface design document
  • Prepare testing procedures and functional acceptance test documents


Controls Programming

  • PLC, HMI, and SCADA graphics programming
  • Data logging and Alarm management systems
  • SMS alert system from the unmanned control system


System Start-up and Commissioning

  • On-site startup and commissioning services
  • Site acceptance test services

Controls Design and Engineering

  • Design new systems, upgrade and add-on to existing systems
  • Develop P&ID drawings and instrumentation specifications
  • Hardware design and control I/O drawings
  • Design PC based SCADA systems
  • Ethernet network and wireless network design


Control system Evaluation/Audit

  • Perform complete audit of your control system
  • Suggest areas to add automation to reduce man power and improve productivity
  • Provide modifications/improvements needed to reduce equipment downtime
  • Provide services to make your control system robust


Controls/Operational Training

  • Provide control systems programming training to engineers and technicians
  • Provide plant operational training to your operators
  • Provide custom training to technicians so that they can troubleshoot/maintain the control system


Continuous Improvement Consulting & Implementation

JDP Automation's end-to-end Continuous Improvement solutions will help you improve production throughput, reduce waste, and increase uptime. Services include performance assessments, gap analyses, workflow and systems augmentation, training, and ongoing support.

Automation Systems Integration

Known as industry experts, JDP Automation is proficient in implementing industry-leading HMI and SCADA software as key components of your supervisory control and information systems. Our solutions integrate quickly and seamlessly with your control and business systems.


JDP Automation is experienced and proficient in the configuration and integration of all leading PLCs, control networks, and VFDs, as well as other control systems and components. JDP Automation's best practices ensure fast, efficient system configuration that is well-documented and sustainable, with or without our ongoing support.

JDP Automation, Inc. provides comprehensive, end-to-end manufacturing solutions that include automation systems design and integration, Illuminate our manufacturing excellence system, continuous improvement consulting and implementation, and support and maintenance services.

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