visual factory communication

Providing manufacturers the best choice for reliable, real-time production monitoring with lean and agile functionality developed specially for manufacturing processes.  Whether you're a small, single plant manufacturer or a large multi-plant, global manufacturer, our Illuminate software solution is designed to fit your needs.


automating the plant floor and informing the top floor

No one knows better than you how important it is to have timely, accurate data to make important decisions about your business. More often than not, managers have little or no visibility into production operations, or what visibility they do have is based on old or manually collected data.


Illuminate offers many capabilities for automating your production process information flow, and can be ‘right-sized’ for small, medium and large companies. The solution can help you manage every area of your plant, from data management to part delivery. Our solution allows real-time job, operator and resource tracking, and supports a wide variety of industry hardware and software data collection devices, ranging from advanced reading system and hand-held scanners to native connectivity to a machine control system.


Our modular software design ensures Illuminate will meet your business needs today and in the future as your business evolves and continuously improves.





efficient and timely communication

Communication is one of the main focuses of Illuminate and is essential for the transfer of knowledge between management, workers, and office staff. From project implementation to project completion, communication is important in identifying critical issues, developing new processes, and executing new programs and/or changes. Open communication helps to make the decision-making process simple and keeps employees better informed.




decrease response times, alert personnel, empower workers

Illuminate notification's lets you take a proactive approach to critical business and manufacturing issues by evaluating mission critical data and turning it into actions and advisories BEFORE you need it. A completely customizable, event-based notification system captures and evaluates data, then turns it into actions and advisories of time and event sensitive issues that may require action.


Taking the form of a text message sent directly to your cell phone, an e-mail message, or a page, Illuminate’s notification module can send messages relating to critical events occurring on the production floor.




synchronize warehouse operations

For the modern manufacturer, the warehouse has become a critical component to achieving manufacturing excellence. The most competitive companies are learning to synchronize material movement between the warehouse, production and other operations. Material synchronization leads to huge efficiencies and cost savings, helping to enable adaptive operations. The Illuminate Warehouse Manager solution is an integral component to delivering this capability by offering a unified approach to warehouse management.

Illuminate synchronizes your material flows between production, warehouse and other manufacturing operations processes, driving greater manufacturing excellence by:


  • Synchronizing raw materials, production and finished goods with Just-In-Time manufacturing, Just-In-Sequence
  • Reducing idle inventory and Work-In-Process (WIP) buffers to improve cycle time and support demand-driven production strategies
  • Providing full visibility and control over internal processes, inventory positions and material movements



stay in control, stay informed

Accurate and timely production reports are key to the management decision making process. With Illuminate you receive information directly from the production floor as you need it, and more importantly, when you need it. Real time reporting keeps you informed of what's been produced, what has not been produced (and why) and the overall efficiency of your machines. You can now make business decisions based on actual facts as problems need attention, and in some cases catch potential problems before they impact customer deliveries.


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